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Integrated Logistics (3PL)

Our logistics expertise is a balanced cross-discipline of domestic, international and warehousing distribution services, making Inclusive a reliable all-inclusive provider. We cover cross-broder transportation,storage and handling, and inbound/outbound transportation. Our customer centric approach,global reach, and industry leading software enable us to do just that.


  • We specialize in conditioning, maintaining and operating food-grade warehousing.Our warehouses are sealed, insulated, and maintained at low-humidity to extend the shelf-life of our clients' products.
  • We understand the high demand for refrigirated warehousing
  • Expensive to build & maintain if volume of refrigirated product is low
  • Potential risk of contamination if stored with other clients products that do not require a highly scrutinized quality control
Ultimately, in our effort to complete the mission of tailoring our services according to your needs, we are commited to
  • Assign you directly to one of our own warehouses
  • Potentially even build one according to your specificatons
  • All our warehousing services include:
    • Account specialist and personnel proportional to volume for expedience
    • Inventory Management Solutions capable of integrating with your database via EDI for consistency, and more.

Full-Truck Load

Inclusive Logistics helps shippers improve full truckload shipping operations by providing and utilizing innovative freight brokerage technology, a comprehensive range of cargo transit and logistics solutions and cutting-edge shipping analytics & monitoring.

LTL Freight

Inclusive Logistics offers best-in-class freight brokerage technology tailored to the needs of LTL shippers.Choose carrier based on cost, transit time and preference. Schedule pick-ups with one click.Track and manage your shipments online.

Our LTL Carriers

Ground Freight Capabilities

Thousands of reefer carriers at your service for: long-hauls, cross-broder, and storage
Our reach into the flatbed carrier community allows us to haul your shpment into El Paso, Tx and cross it to your plant in Cd.Juarez, MX
Have a project to reduce expenses? Ask us about intermodal options
From storage to chemicals,we have experience in transporting hazmat
Our database of sprinters and straight trucks is an excellent option for smaller shipments with an urgency requirement

Mexico Transborder

Shipping across international borders can be intimidating but not when you're shipping with Inclusive. Whether its FTL or LTL, to and from Mexico, we take the worry out of North America delivery as door-to-door. With offices on both sides of the border, Inclusive is well positioned to facilitate the northbound and southbound flow of goods between Mexico, the United States & Canada. With highly trained service teams, that are 100% bilingual and trained in warehousing, exports and imports, and outbound/inbound transportation, we are dedicated to your satisfaction.

  • Border Crossing Trucks & Drivers
  • FAST
  • C-TPAT
  • Monday - Sunday
  • 12 Hours Daily
  • Seals & Locks for Diesel Control
  • GPS Tracking
  • Security-trained & Visible ID
  • Border Crossing Containers
  • Coordinator & Supervisor
  • D & B Certified
  • Fueling service for reefers
  • Food-Grade specialized

Domestic & International Air Freight

Our large network of couriers & air cargo carriers is our competitive advantage when it comes to Air Freight - our mission is to find a tailored solution to your needs at the most affordable cost possible.

  • Parcel-Sized
  • Pallet-Sized
  • Charter
  • Expedited/Hand Carry
  • Office in China
  • Office in Los Angeles

Ocean Freight

Inbound/Outbound to and from Europe/China OUr excellent partnerships with vessel companies and established partners in China, Europe adn Los Angeles, allow us to provide excellent services Drayage transload. Our biggest expansion has been to establish partnerships in China and LAX, to facilitate the transload and transport of your inbound materials from China and the rest of the world. This way all coordinator is facilitated by being internal - we rely on ourselves to provide excellence in service.

Supply Chain Management

Inclusive Logistics leverages its extensive logistics network to negotiate the best rates and services for our customers supply chain needs. Inclusive Logistics supply chain solutions allow you to decrease transportation costs, increase fill-rates, and respond quickly to changes in customer demand. Decrease your cost of transporting product to market. The overall cost of regional freight shipment out of our fulfillment centers will be much less expensive than shipping cross country.

Inventory Management Solutions

We understand that not all customer needs are alike, at Inclusive Logistics our dedicated IT department will work with your company to develop a web-based inventory system that is tailored to your specific needs.
Always know your supply chain status with user definable alerts.
Use order management rules to optimize delivery plans and reduce lead times.
Quickly identify and act on cost variances as they occur.
We can incorporate our system or use yours. Establish reports and spreadsheets as needed and distribute to designated people. Focus on your needs, communiate issue or shortages immediately

Face Mask Supply

Mask Supplies , Personal Protective Equipment Disposable Masks.

Pallet Supply

Tough, durable wood stackable pallets available.

Carrier Compliance

Dispatch Standards:
  • All carriers must have a Safety Rating of Satisfactory or None
  • Minimum of 3 DOT Roadside inspections
  • Minimum of 1 year of Operating Authority
Safety Standards:
  • Carriers who exceed certain safety thresholds
  • Safety letter written to Inclusive Logistics, adressing SMS Safety Scores
Requirements for Carrier:
  • Acknowledge Safety Scores
  • What carrier is doing to ACTIVELY Correct their scores proactive vs reactive
  • Continued Education for drivers
  • Sign and Date letter

*** Note Carrier Compliance Team MUST approve Carrier's Corrective Action Plan in order to Dispatch Carrier for Shipments.

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